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Occurs 49 time(s).
Car. I.1, II.1, III.1, IV.1, Amb.Io. 10.65(31a).1.1, 66.2.9, QTh Pnx.3, Pnx.5, 1.1, QD 130.2, Th.Oec. tit.1, I.1.1, II.1.1, Sch.CH* 29B.4, 32A.13, 36B.9, 40A.4, 44D.1, 68B.3, 93D.3, 96B.4, Sch.EH* 116A.1, 116A.2, 117C.7, 121B.12, 124B.8, 136A.3, 144B.11, 156D.8, Sch.DN* 185A.12, 265A.6, 268B.13, 292C.1, 293B.4, 301B.1, 352B.5, Sch.MT* 416C.1, Sch.Ep.* 1.527A.tit.1, 1.527C.2, 7.537B.6, 7.537B.12, 8.549B.11, 9.565A.6, Cap.XV. 1177A.7, 1180B.11, 1221A.10, 1260B.2, 1304B.8, 1348D.12

The Thesaurus provides a synoptic view of the word usage in the most popular writings of St. Maximus the Confessor. It is an exhaustive word forms index to the modern editions. The texts themselves are not on the site. For more information look at the Menu rubric About the Project.